"A page-turning coming-of-age tale that offers an offbeat spin on the YA suspense genre." — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

released February 3, 2020

Finding Frances Book Cover

Always the New Girl

released May 10, 2022

Binding Off

released May 10, 2022

Always the New Girl book cover
Binding Off book cover


released June 7, 2022

Ugly book cover

"the compelling story will resonate with young adults going on their own difficult journeys and should help them feel less alone" —Kirkus Reviews


released August 1, 2023

Uglier book cover

"An impressively honest and intimate first person POV powers this story of a young person struggling with gender and trying to find their place in a world that is seemingly determined to 'erase' them" -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


release date August 13, 2024

Cover coming soon!

Fea (Ugly in Spanish)

released August 24, 2022

TBD (Ugly in Italian)

release TBD

Fea book cover