The Basics

Kelly Vincent is a writer of contemporary young adult fiction. Her first book, Finding Frances, will be out late 2019. She’s a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Romance Writers of America, and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. Selections from her novels were finalists in the annual PNWA Literary Contest in 2015 (young adult) and 2016 (romance).

Kelly lives near Seattle and when she’s not writing, she’s trying to extract interesting secrets from data for a large retailer. She has three cats who you will probably see on this site because she likes them quite a bit. Last but not least, she’s a feminist–and you should be, too, because it’s not a bad word. Seriously.

Some Other Info for the Curious

Kelly grew up in Oklahoma and went to the University of Oklahoma before finally (and happily) leaving. She spent a couple summers in St. Paul, Minnesota; studied at the University of Glasgow, Scotland (still her favorite place); studied Spanish in Guadalajara, Mexico; did a Master’s degree at the University Edinburgh, Scotland; worked in Milton Keynes, England (she was on a project at Bletchley Park, where Alan Turing worked during WW II); started but didn’t finish a PhD in Pilsen, Czech Republic; began a career as a software engineer in Durham, North Carolina; moved to State College, Pennsylvania for a job; and finally came out to the Seattle area for another job. Along the way she collected a total of four degrees, two Bachelor’s and two Master’s, which was expensive and probably not worth it. And now she's working on two more—an MFA in creative writing and a Master of Applied Statistics (not at the same time). It may be a sickness.

For several years, she was very involved in cat rescue and fostered dozens of cats in the process. She was only a failed foster twice (which means she adopted her foster cat).

Meet the Current Cats

Marlowe the cat
Zmije being cute
Zmije (pronounced zmee-yuh)
Maddox posing for the camera by the window