I'm a writer currently seeking an agent.

My debut, Finding Frances, was published by The Wild Rose Press and is out now. See the books page for details.

I've written two young adult novels in addition to Finding FrancesSadie Speaks and Ugly, plus several short stories that will go into a single collection.

Sadie Speaks

A purple pumpkin bucket

Can dreams catch a killer?

Sixteen-year-old Lauren is focused on doing well in her boarding school, moving things along with her hot boyfriend, and avoiding spending time with her annoying little sister, Sadie. But when Lauren makes a huge mistake on Halloween night, almost everything she knows is ruined. What do the weird dreams she's having mean, and can they help her figure out what to do about Sadie?


Why is being different such a crime?

After her best and only friend announces she's moving, fifteen-year-old artist Nic starts to look inside as they struggle to find new friends for her. She questions almost everything about herself, including her gender. It's all so confusing, especially because she does like boysa bit too much for her own good, maybe. What's she going to do when Sam is really gone?

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