Ugly Kindle Vella cover photo

released November 2021 (ongoing)

Ugly is currently available on Kindle Vella. It's one story, novel-length, and available here. You should also be able to find it on the Kindle Vella home page and searching for my name and the title.

Note that this is an active serial and I am releasing episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Note that Vella requires you purchase tokens rather than buy the stories directly. The story will cost 807 tokens in total, once all the episodes are published.

What's a girl who loves to draw dragons supposed to do when everyone calls her an ugly lesbian? Nic Summers really isn't certain of anything about herself, but she knows her life is on the verge of falling apart when her only friend tells her she's moving. They begin to try to find her some new friends, an uphill battle for shy Nic. As the move date nears, Nic's confidence wavers even more. She has to reach deep inside to find who she really is, and embrace the label gender nonconforming.

Ugly was a semifinalist in the 2019 Booklife Prize Children's and Young Adult category.